Fishing trips with guide and naturalistic excursions by boat
on the Po river and on the lakes of Mantua

on Mantua rivers and lakes

Le Vie dell'Acqua proposes alternative ways of experiencing the Mantuan territory. Suggestive sailing routes, through which to get in intimate contact with a unique and very important eco-system

fishing tour

Giovanni Montanari, our guide, organizes
fishing trips respectful of nature and able to convey strong emotions.


For our activities we use craft with low environmental impact impact with a range of 6 to 11 people.
All our boats are regularly registered, insured and equipped according to the law.

Navigation Route

The Via del Mincio up to Lake Superior of Mantua, La Via dei 3 Laghi and La Via del Po.
Choose the itinerary and we'll take you on a relaxing boat trip to discover the river routes of Mantua,
rich in landscape and historical surprises. The naturalistic excursions are designed for individuals, couples, families, small groups that prefer a slow and experiential tourism. All the exits are customizable for itineraries and duration according to customer requests.


with Giovanni Montanari, between passion and nature

Who I am: I'm Giovanni Montanari, a young fishing guide. Ever since I was little, I have a great passion for fishing and love for nature. I have been engaged in fishing tourism for some years now. Among my goals is to discover or rediscover the beauty and the special atmosphere of our water places with a view to slow and eco-sustainable tourism.

Big Fish Objective

Catfish Fishing, Carp Fishing, Spinning and Feeder

For those who live fishing as a passion while respecting the environment and want to live strong emotions in complete freedom,
where few can dare, I organize fishing trips with a guide.
Duration: one day, one weekend, or for the most demanding, a whole week of fishing.

Possibility of performing various techniques based on river or lake conditions.
Duration: 8 hours of fishing with guide, equipment, bait and boat filled with gasoline.
1 participant: 130€
2 participants: 200€
3 participants: 280€
4 participants: 320€
Possibility to customize the exits according to your needs with both day and night exits.
Packages for Spinning Feeder and Carp Fishing
to be defined based on fishing hours and participants.


Sports in support of biodiversity

Theoretical lessons and practical activities focus on the knowledge of lake and river fish within their habitat, on techniques to undermine fish, on bait preparation and on fishing construction.
Great attention is paid to the slamming and release techniques.
The lessons are also an opportunity to learn more about the "water" ecosystem
and all the behaviors to be implemented to safeguard the lake and the river.
I believe that fishing has great educational value: it trains patience and waiting, savoring the silence of nature, observing biodiversity more carefully, challenge and challenging each other. Without forgetting the recreational aspect of fishing, a great opportunity to live moments in the company of those who, like us, are passionate about it.
Giovanni Montanari



Christmas 2019 - representation on the banks of the river Mincio

A Grazie di Curtatone, to see a unique and exciting show on the boat.


Revere, August 2019 - Fireworks show

We organize night on water in the same time with summer and local event.s


November 2019 - Extraordinary events

On the water, even in the water, to live the flood as it once was!


Commitment to environmental protection and sustainability

Le Vie dell'Acqua is among the supporters of this important protocol of understanding.

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Fishing tourism and naturalistic excursions by boat on the Po river, in the Mincio Valley Nature Reserve and on the Mantua Lakes.

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