La via del Mincio

The magic of a natural oasis

A fascinating journey in close contact with the local flora and fauna among reeds, sedges, swans, herons, ducks, grebes, marsh hawks and the extraordinary flowering of nannuferi and water lilies with the enchantment of lotus flowers. Departure and arrival at the small port of Grazie, one of the most beautiful ancient fishing villages in Italy and for centuries a place of Marian devotion and a destination for pilgrims with its ancient fair. Here you can visit an amazing Sanctuary and the Madonnari Museum.
Near the landing stage you will find green areas for your picnics as well as inns and restaurants offering the traditional menu of freshwater fish. A Grazie has a fully equipped motorhome parking area.

Departure and arrival from Rivalta sul Mincio, Lago Superiore or Mantova.